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Australian Trademark Application

TradeMarks Australia™ Your one-stop shop for trademark searches and applications in Australia & Internationally. Protect your Name, Tagline or Slogan, Product Name or Logo Now!   $290.00au + Gov. Fee

You may process your trademark application here now, or read the additional information first:


We are here to help you achieve your objective with clear quality advice and recommendations. The depth of knowledge and experience which TradeMarks Australiahas accumulated since 1997 is to your benefit, saving you time, money and avoiding costly mistakes. We not only offer a range of services to cover your brand protection needs, we also bring our highly tuned analytical skills into play with regard to strategically protecting your brand.

Upon receiving your application we will then conduct a basic search to determine if there are any potential obstacles to overcome, such that we will conduct a similarity name search as the risk of applying for a trademark does not only lie in an identical trademark already existing, but the risk of a confusingly similar trademark existing, resulting in potential infringement issues. 

By filing an application here you will know early (within days) what your likely chances of success will be, we can keep you on track!

If you file your own application elsewhere, you are not likely to know for 3-4 months if your application is successful, if not successful you may need to start all over. 


Contact us should you have any questions before completing this form.

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