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International Trademarks

TradeMarks Australia­ is able to attend to the filing of trademark applications anywhere in the world on your behalf. All you need to do is advise our office of the countries you are interested in and we will identify the least expensive and time consuming way in which to process a Trademark Application in the country or countries of your choice.


Unfortunately, there is no such registration that secures protection in every single country of the world, a Trademark application would need to be filed in each separate country.

However, Australia is also a member of the 'Madrid Agreement' along with approximately 91 other countries, with new countries joining all the time. This Madrid Agreement allows Australian trademark owners or applicants to file a single application selecting any/all of the member countries.


This saves much time and expense, as we are able to file this single application for you, thus avoiding the high costs of employing agents or attorneys in those countries.



If you have a particular interest in filing via the Madrid Agreement, please email with MADRID AGREEMENT as the subject heading for a full list of the member countries to be emailed to you.


Or just send an email listing your countries of interest, from there we will communicate with you in order to advise you of your next step, keeping in mind that there will be very little for you to have to do, as we attend to the whole process & steps on your behalf.


If you have an urgent concern or query please do not hesitate to communicate -  contact us



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