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A free trademark search will be completed for you. Our report will also include recommendations that will also determine your trademarks chance of success or rejection.

NB: Trademark research is very crucial, such that it is important we do not have a mistake.

* Our providing advice & recommendation for you.

BEWARE, searching a Trademark name yourself is not as simple as registering a business name or domain name, trademark research must be thorough.

When conducting a search, it is critical that you search trademark names thoroughly. Do you know if you have researched properly?

You may not have completed your search thoroughly enough. Primarily when you will not know if your application has been successful for many months later, and potentially having to research again or even needing to restart your brand!

Trademark matters are very serious. Trademark research can be very complex if you are unfamiliar with the implications associated on how you can still infringe against any trademarks that are similar. 

We will complete a comprehensive and thorough trademark search, we will conduct Professional research advice, give our recommendation and/or advice on how best you should move forward.

Research & Protect properly your Name, Tagline or Slogan, Product Name & Logo - NOW!

For further assistance or questions also available.